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Meatbagz on Etsy

Where can you find Meatbagz? The easy answer to that is on every fashionable person with totally awesome taste, of course. If you’re interested in joining those ranks, please check out our Etsy shop and buy one (or more!) of your very own!

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  1. Hello, I am glad you saw the Swiss Army ottoman. I was the stylist who purchased from you, well, you communicated with my assistant Kaitlyn. I am looking for one more! Do you happen to have by any chance? It you kept one back for personal use I would love to perhaps rent it. No altering this time, want to have it for a picnic shot. Please let me know and fingers crossed. By the way, happy to buy it also.
    Thanks a lot, Helen

    • Hello, Helen, so nice to hear from you!
      Unfortunately we don’t have any blankets left-the only one we saved is being given as a wedding present this weekend. We’re so sorry we couldn’t help you out, but we have to say-the entire “Red” article was GORGEOUS, and we were so pleased to play a teensy part!

      Mack and Kate


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