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Official Meatbagz Decree #345


Official Meatbagz Decree #345

A Moment of Truth


This is the time of year when, stuck between the four walls of the workshop, we start itching for new bagz, new designs, and new ideas. The world begins to hibernate and, unable to be easily distracted by the call of the outdoors, gorgeous weather, or, if all else fails, ____________________, we stop and take stock of where we (and Meatbagz) are (and where we’d like to be).

The beauty of creating-creating anything, whether it is art or food or words on a page-is that in the end, the finished product is a reflection of who you are. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, or what you’re doing: if it came from your mind, your hands, your heart, it is part of you. This is why we love what we create-because, despite the occasional bad day of self doubt, we love ourselves. This is why it’s important to us.

We lead busy lives (outside of Meatbagz, which is a whole other version of busy). We have families. We have houses and gardens and animals that depend on us. We have jobs and errands and things to do. And we still make a point of carving out some time for Meatbagz not just because it gives us a good excuse to get together (and it does), but also because it gives us a reason to pay attention to ourselves in a creative way. Designing new bagz allows us to spend some time in our own heads, guilt free. Printing and photographing and listing things for the shop gives us an outlet. And, in the end, we get to sit back and check out the cool messengers, vintage awesomeness, and weekenders that, to be honest, are way cooler than we feel a solid 99% of the time. But that’s why it works. They help us remember that we’re not just a couple of 30 something moms who have a solid number of white hairs between us and a serious lack of sleep. Our bagz help us remember that we’re also fun, unique, and inventive broads who know a good idea when they see one.

That’s our moment of truth: when we look at the pile of Meatbagz in our workshop and don’t just see a bunch canvas and leather and work. We see ourselves, and infinite possibility.

Here’s hoping you’ve found your moment of truth too.