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Here’s To Our (Little) Homies


Even though this has always been a two broad operation, Meatbagz has never been just the two of us. The days in the kitchen (which morphed into the days at the workshop) may have been filled with tunes and laughter, but they were also filled with three of our littlest fans: our (littlest) kids.

As impossible as it is to believe, those little ones are headed to kindergarten in a week, and we’ll be left to our own devices in the Meatbagz workshop. No more peanut butter sandwich lunch breaks, no more Hot Wheels racing around Barbies, and no more battle royales over who’s turn it is to draw on the chalkboard. Instead, their days will be filled with real-life school and ours will be a lot calmer and a lot quieter (aside from the tunes and the laughter, that is).

So here’s to our little homies. While we’ll probably be a lot more productive while you’re off learning all there is to know, we will definitely be a little lonely without you. We’re sure we’ll get used to it, but know that your mamas will miss you. After all, you’ve been a part of the Meatbagz crew from the beginning, and who knows where we would have ended up without your sage advice? (Our favorite: “Don’t do more cows. Cows are dumb today.”)

We love you, kiddos. Now go out there, rock that kindergarten class, and we’ll have some peanut butter sandwiches ready to go for your October break!


Everwhere There Are Signs (or, Getting Sucked Into Meatbagzland)

We’ve been workin’ it, peeps. We’ve been workin’ it BIG TIME to get ready for the first annual Little Red Schoolhouse Holiday Sale. (Don’t know what we’re talking about? FOR SHAME. Look here or up at the top of the page for all the info you could want) and we cannot help but feel absolutely amazed by all the excitement, support, and local love we’ve received so far. It’s been amazing, so thanks to everybody who has spread the word, offered up help, and asked us about it. You rock, and you make us smile ’til our faces hurt.

In the meantime, we took an official step last week-other than plastering all the local hangouts with posters, we put up the official Holiday Sale banner at the schoolhouse.

Or tried, anyway. About two minutes after Kate hung the other side (while precariously balancing on one of the world’s most unsteady sawhorses ever) we realized that it was far too low and would slap any potential visitors squarely in the forehead if they were above five feet tall.

It was a very disappointing time.

There was some (rather desperate) discussion of just taking turns holding it up with pathetic looks on our faces in hopes of guilting passerby into stopping, but we both decided that our upper arm strength just wasn’t up for prolonged periods of activity. Plus, what if it was cold out? That’d be lame. So on to plan B…

Plan B, thy name is Peter.
Oh, poor Peter. He was just trying to mind his own business. Do some painting. Pretend that our children weren’t constantly pestering him with questions like, “What are you doing, Peter?” “Why do you have that, Peter?” “Peter, why is my hand all white, Peter?”
But Peter is a good guy, and when he saw Kate now balancing precariously on an even more ridiculously unsteady ladder (not pictured, as Mackenzie was very kindly  holding onto it to with all of her might) he got sucked into Meatbagzland and offered to help.

Which was appreciated.

And so the banner is up, proudly proclaiming that yes, this little red schoolhouse is in fact THE Little Red Schoolhouse. It looks great, and  it won’t even be smacking anybody in the forehead.

That, our friends, is called good business sense.