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Thursday Shout Out: Cool It

Pretty much everyone, everywhere in the U.S. is pushing through a heat wave, whether it’s the normal summer sun or the crazy weather that’s hitting the middle of the country (many people suffering through  without power, no less). But the good news is, the weather peeps assure us that the heat is headed down to more manageable levels in the coming days, and until then, we havesome sweet finds to cool us off.

Westinghouse Electric Fan by MyLittleThriftStore. $50. There’s a lot to be said for looking cool while being cool, and this awesome vintage table fan easily fits both of those bills. In perfect working order, this baby will keep that you comfortable in even the hottest of weather, and hey, when the humidity finally breaks, the good news is this Westinghouse fan will still function: by being a conversation piece and the envy of all the cool cats in the neighborhood, as it sits on your shelf waiting for the next go round.

20 Wooden Ice Cream Spoons with Trellis Pattern by sucreshop. $8. We still remember the wonder of those little cups of ice cream with wooden spoons from when we were kids-was there anything better?-and with these adorable spoons from sucreshop we can capture that feeling again. Updated with a super sweet  raspberry trellis pattern, these spoons bring the simplicity of being a kid having a treat off the truck to even the most sophisticated (not to mention earth friendly) party.

Silk Sari Maxi Dress by JacknBoots. $68. What could feel better on a scorching day than a silk dress? And this dress is so gorgeous you’ll be begging the weatherman for record highs, just for the excuse. In great vintage condition, a beautifully unique print, and in size M/L (but fitting smaller sizes as well, for that bohemian look), this dress is simply amazing.

Four Martini Glasses-Hand Engraved “Reaching Branches” by daydreemdesigns. $98. What could be better after a hot day at the office than an ice cold martini? We love the engraved “Reaching Branches” design-it brings to mind cold winter nights, and fingers of ice creeping up the classic martini stemware-perfect for a refreshingly cold beverage (with a twist).


FBF-Our Favorite Bagz Forever!

After Kate’s review of our Weekender the other day, we realized something: we know our bagz better than anybody, so why not write up reviews of a few of our favorites? So for the next few weeks that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We know. It’s a pretty brilliant and earth shatteringly original plan. This is precisely why we’re such savvy businesswomen.

In any case, we thought we’d start with the very first vintage bag we ever printed: our love, our sweet, our Vintage Swiss military bread bag.

We actually have two versions of this bag, one without leather and one with. Those leather straps were originally belt loops, but we’ve taken them, added some sweet brass buttons, and turned them into an extra layer of security to hold pouch of the bag shut aside from the hook and eye closure. The Meatbagz camp is divided-Kate loves the leather straps, both for function and for looks (because, come on-vintage leather. YUM.) whereas Mack uses a bag without the straps and swears by it, saying it makes it super easy to get in and out of her bag on the go. So apparently you’ll just have to come up with your own opinion about that.

We get a lot of questions from customers about this bag-not just because it’s super cool, unique, and the worn in brown canvas is to die for, but there’s understandable concern about the fact the top is open and doesn’t secure closed. What we tell them is this: Mack and I have both carried this style bag every day for years, and thanks to whatever act of magic concocted by the bag designers of the Swiss government, we have never had anything fall out of them. Like, ever. Which is pretty amazing considering how roughly we treat our bagz. (Call it quality control.) We toss them into the car, on the ground under our seats at the coffee shop, we let the kids carry them…and everything that started out in there ends up in there every time.

Another thing we like about the Swiss bags is the ridiculous amount of stuff you can cram in there. The bag looks fairly straightforward, but once you start packing in your wallet, phone, oh, and this action figure, the grocery list, the mail that needs to be dropped off, a water bottle, tissues, and that bag of pretzels that you’re hoping to sneak without the kids noticing…you’ll be amazed at how easily it can turn into your carry all. And the best part? It’s totally a dude bag OR a bag for a rockin’ broad!

Of course function is great and all, but let’s face it-it looks freaking cool too. The brown canvas comes in various shades of worn in awesome, and we’ve never seen two alike. The back of the leather strap is stamped-on every bag-with the year it was made as well as either the soldier it was issued to or the town it was made in. We’ve heard varying reports via the internetz and aren’t sure, but we do know we’ve never seen two alike (and it seems kind of odd to think of hundreds of different towns in Switzerland all busy on

the production of bread bags).

And then there’s of course the occasional mementos from the soldiers themselves…names, dates, or even just numbers written on the backs of bags by the guys who used them. That, friends, you can’t fake.

Last but not least, our Meatbagz prints. We love the relationship between these beat up brown bags and the simplicity of our images with these bags. As soon as we got them we realized they have so much darn personality on their own, we wanted our prints to accentuate the awesomeness, not overpower it. And that’s exactly what we managed to pull off. When we’re wearing these bags we always feel like we have a solid mix of individuality, convenience, and kick-ass style.  We get stopped on the street and asked about them (by, we have to point out, the coolest people ever, and not just because they’re interested in Meatbagz!) and that’s quite  a lot to get out of a bit of leather and canvas.

So, if you have any thoughts about YOUR Swiss bag, and questions we didn’t answer, or heck, any bagz you want our reviews on,  leave ’em in the comments! We’ll be back next week!