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Thursday Shout Out: Activity Time

When we were kids, summer vacation meant lazily sitting around with a good book, playing in the backyard with each other, and drinking cold lemonade during swim breaks at the lake. When we’re adults, it basically boils down to trying to keep the kids from killing each other out of boredom. Finger paints only keep the kids excited for so long, so we looked to some fellow crafters and artists to help us out.

Paper Doll & Envelope-Miss Candy Pink-Printable PDF by todi. $8. Let’s face it-a rainy summer day is every parent’s nightmare. The good news is, this adorable (and totally original) paper doll set is ready to come to your rescue…and you don’t even need to wait for shipping, just open that e-mail and get the printer ready! The amazing hand drawn and watercolored artwork is sure to impress even the oldest fashionista, and the collection of paper doll clothes will keep them busy for hours. And that, friends, is priceless.

Build Your Own Ant Colony-1970’s Irwin Toy Kit by TheArtofSalvage. $25. Keep your budding scientist busy and the ants (hopefully) in their place with this awesome vintage ant colony kit. It comes with everything you need to create your own ant metropolis…except for the ants, of course…but hey, send the kiddos out into the yard to find some and that will equal even MORE quiet for you!

Needle Felt Kids Craft Kit to make 3D Multicolored Hedgehog by artfeltuk. $35. Kids whining about getting a new pet? Also whining about being bored? Kill two birds with one stone (and save money on all those vet bills) with this super sweet DIY kit that will allow them to make their own funky hedgehog. It comes with everything they need to get a fuzzy new pet as well as an appreciation for the art of felting. And while it won’t play fetch with them in the back yard, just remind them that it’s way better than a pet rock.

Peas in a Pod Mancala Game and Craft Kit by jackbenimbletoys. $38. Not to overload on the whole felting thing, but we couldn’t resist this mancala set! Not only is it totally adorable, but the kiddos even get to get into it by making some of their own pea game pieces! Sure to get them interested in this fun (and dare we say it-educational), they’ll be working on problem solving and math skills while building up some fine motor skills to boot. And you, dear parents, will reap the benefits of beautifully well rounded, creative, quietly content, and super smart kids alllll summer vacation long. You’re welcome.


We Heart You

All right, we cry uncle-it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. Fine. But we refuse to be sucked in to the last minute gifts of a crappy box of chocolates* (*just kidding, there’s really no such thing) and instead we insist we rock this holiday in STYLE.

Eat Your Heart Out Dessert Plate by foldedpigs. $16. First of all, the shop name: foldedpigs. You know we were sold right there. But secondly, this plate is absolute genius. We’re both creeped out and totally infatuated-and, really, isn’t that what love is really about? The answer is yes.

I love you more than I love Ira Glass Card by MerryBluesArt. $3. Who doesn’t love Ira Glass? Answer: NOBODY! Nobody we’d care to know, at any rate. We’re pretty sure that this eco-friendly and super awesome card will not only make your favorite person smile, but make them feel pretty darn special to boot.

Funny Snarky Feisty Valentine Card by dippylulu. $2.50. Bold, daring, and, dare we say it-pretty awesome. Stop yearning after that unattainable love from afar and take the challenge, ’80’s movie style. And if it works we TOTALLY expect to be invited to the wedding.

Love Stinks Banner by livelaughlovelots. $13. Let’s face it: sometimes the whole romance thing doesn’t work out so well. We say celebrate the anti-Valentine’s Day instead: National Singles Awareness Day (Feb. 14th, in case you’re wondering) with a kick ass Love Stinks party! Step one, decorate (see banner, above).  Step two, drink! See? You’re feeling better already, aren’t you?

Thursday Shout Out: Hip to the Hop

Easter is right around the corner, so instead of running to the drug store at the last minute and stocking up on all that chocolate (that you really don’t need), browse some Easter offerings from Etsy instead. You won’t be sorry, and hands down you’ll have the coolest Easter basket in the neighborhood.

Wooden Pastel Rainbow Eggs by Imaginationkids. $16. Granted, those plastic eggs that we all grew up finding are fun, but we all know what happens after the jelly beans have been eaten: they end up lost under the couch, stuffed in the back of the junk drawer, or worse, in the trash. Skip the plastic and give the kiddies a set of these beauties. That way even when they outgrow the Bunny, these eggs will still be pretty enough for an Easter dinner centerpiece.

Custom Damask Bunny Brother Sister Tie Tee and Dress Set by weewhimseycouture. $35. We almost feel silly writing anything about this adorable set, because honestly-just look at that tee shirt and that dress. Can you imagine anything cuter on a brother and sister on Easter morning? In sizes available from three months all the way to 5T, big or little your kiddos can look picture perfect in every egg hunt photo you snap.

Personalized Metal Easter Basket by tenlittlemonkees. $18. You want a personalized Easter basket that will last more than one go round? Tenlittlemonkees has totally got your back. You can choose from pink or yellow buckets (green is on its way, too!), 8 different fonts, and 6 clip art designs to make it extra special. Stylish and sturdy, this is one Easter basket that will live to see the rest of the year.

Hippity Hop Bunny Beanie by PartTimeDiva. $20. Seriously. Could this be any cuter? We think not.  PartTimeDiva can make this hat for you in sizes 3m-5+ years, AND even teen/adult. Personally, we can think of a couple of babies who aren’t into the Cadbury Eggs quite yet who would look sweeter than all the chocolate in the world in one of these.

yellow baby chick original painting by moulton by prattcreekart. $32. Hey, let’s face it, sometimes the grown ups deserve something in their basket too, and this adorable chick is just the thing. At an equally adorable size of 5×7, it’s just right to tuck in among the gourmet chocolates (and sure to last longer, too). After all, how many people get to brag that the Easter Bunny brought them an original painting? (Hint: not many, but for thirty two bucks you could!) Update: the chick has sold, folks, but don’t despair-prattcreekart offers TONS of other beauties perfect for your basket, so check ’em out!

Thursday Shout Out: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Believe it or not, it’s true-we can actually start thinking about our gardens!  Veggie, flower, acre, or window, these sellers have something for everyone. So dig in, folks, because the weather is warming, the seeds can be starting, and before you know it we’ll be outside with our feet up, enjoying the fruits of our labor (and ignoring the weeds)!

Organic Mixed Cosmo Heirloom Seeds, Homegrown and Hand Harvested, in homemade envelopes by TheLittleRagamuffin. $3. You can garden handmade right from the get go, and heirloom seeds are the way to do it. Homegrown and hand harvested, these organic seeds will beautify your garden and populate your world with gorgeous cosmos to boot. That, my friends, is the wonder of gardening, and worth celebrating.

Eco-Friendly Cedar Garden & Seed Tray by prettysimpleshoppe. $24. Start your season off right with this eco-friendly seed tray! Sturdier (and earth friendlier) than those plastic trays you buy in big box stores, this will keep your seedlings safe and cozy until the weather warms up just a bit more and they can head outside. Oh, it won’t look half bad sitting in the sun while you wait, either.

Gardening Paper Pot Maker by WoodElements. $25. Seriously, what could be cooler than this? Declare yourself free of the enslavement of premade and preprocessed seed trays and starter pods! Get those newspapers out of the recycle bin and put them to work with this awesome pot maker. Your seeds, your garden, and your earth will thank you-plus, you get extra bonus points for being so DIY. Score.

Spring Garden Apron in Organic Cotton Twill Floral Print by SoulRole. $45. Okay, let’s be serious for a minute: digging in the dirt is fun and all that, but let’s not forget that we all have neighbors to impress. This organic cotton garden apron will do just that-and keep your tools, your gloves, and all your other necessities right at hand. You might be covered from head to toe in mud and compost, but darn it, you’ll still look good.

koi by mudstuff. $27. You may not have a koi pond in your back yard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have koi. We’re totally imagining one or two of these nestled in a rock garden surrounded by lots of moss…hmm, actually, maybe we’ll just have to get to work on that, because frankly, that’d be awesome. So, you know, if you buy these (and steal our idea), we totally want credit. Just sayin’.

Mason Jar Solar Light Half Gallon Vintage Jar by treasureagain. $31.50. Mason Jar? Check. Solar light? Double check. COOLEST PATIO OR GARDEN LIGHT ON THE BLOCK? MOST DEF. We love Mason jars as a matter of course, but the utter brilliance of attaching these nifty solar lights to the caps (note: have jars of your own? You’re in luck: treasureagain sells the plain solar lids too!) just blows us away. Super. Cool.

The Witch’s House-A Fairytale Toad House by PoFu. $45. Every gardener knows that toads are handy to have hanging out on your plot of earth. They eat all those nasty, plant harming bugs, and darn it-they deserve a totally sweet house to make them stick around…and this one is one of the neatest we’ve seen. Toad or no toad, this baby is totally display worthy-and we have a feeling that the “for rent” sign won’t be out too long.

Thursday Shout Out: ‘Tis the Season

Tick-tok, ladies and gents…here’s hoping your presents are wrapped, your stockings are full, and you’re all geared up for a peaceful and happy Christmas! Sure, it’s too late to order any of these beauties before the holidays, but if nothing else they can serve as reminders and inspiration for the big day.

Joy to the World Glittered Burlap Banner by funkyshique. $24. Funkyshique does beautiful things with burlap, and, being huge fans of burlap, we can’t help but admire her work. This Joy to the World banner is simple, sweet, and the perfect solution for those of us who aren’t interested in overloading our homes and senses with crazy amounts of decorations this Christmas.

illuminated-5×5 original fine art photograph by tinacrespo. $10. We love tinacrespo. Her photos are haunting, hopeful, and flat out gorgeous. In short, we want to live in her photograped world. We’ll have to settle with staring at her prints and imagining that they are our happy place.

Dove Holiday Card by Letterpress Light. $4.75. Dove holiday cards? Sure, we’ve all seen them before…but nothing like this card by Letterpress Light. The graceful design and beautiful colors makes this a card that will come out of the envelope and go straight into a frame. And that, my friends, is a card worth sending.

Peace -tan with black text- Cushion by NestaHome. $23. The presents have been opened, the wrapping paper is littering the floor, the kids are running around on a sugar high from candy canes…and you’re curled up on the couch with this pillow, tea in one hand and a smile on your face. Because even though the holidays aren’t always peaceful, it’s important to find those fleeting moments when you create your own peace.  The cool printing and funky simplicity of this will help you remember that.

Living Succulent Centerpiece/Wreath 14 inch by SucculentDesigns. $109. Old school evergreen wreaths are nice. They are. But this succulent wreath? Come on, there’s no competition. And instead of vacuuming up needles, tossing it after the holidays, and not giving it another thought, this wreath not only can be displayed all year round, but can also double as a centerpiece, keeping a lovely burst of color in your life during the cold, blank days of winter (and beyond). We have a winner.

Jack Frost Necklace by JealousCat. $99. Who says the tree is the only thing allowed to sparkle?  Whether you’ve got a party to go to or just want to wear this with a pretty sweater and jeans while hanging with the fam, we refuse to believe that this necklace could ever fail to make you feel stunning. After all-if we can’t enjoy a little glitz and glam during the holidays, then what point is there?

Keep Calm and Have a Cocktail  Wooden Tile Pendant by Dancing Dog Designs. $6.95. Okay, after all this talk of this idyllic Christmas we’re all about to embark on, it’s time to remember-sometimes these things are more Christmas Vacation and a little less It’s a Wonderful Life. And that’s okay too. Because while you’re listening to Aunt Agnes complain about her bunions and Great Uncle Tom is criticizing your tree, the food, and the government, you can be wearing this awesome pendant, sipping some spiked eggnog, and telling yourself to take deep breaths. After all, isn’t that what the holidays  are all about too?


Happy holidays to one and all, Meatbagz friends and fans. We’ll be on blog vacation next week, enjoying time with our families, but we’ll be back in the new year. So until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Thursday Shout Out: The Wood Edition

There are very few things more delicious than the patina of wood, and lucky for us, awesome wood products, both new and vintage, abound on Etsy. So toss a (wooden) log on the fire (unless it’s a gas fireplace), put your feet up on your (wooden) coffee table, and enjoy!


Charcuterie Cutting Board in Spaltic Hickory by grayworksdesign. $110. Please. Everything in grayworksdesign’s shop basically makes us want to weep. As for this one, how could you cut things on it? Too beautiful. Instead, give me a gorgeous cheese or mini desert spread on this and I will die a happy chick. Also, they’re local (for us-upstate NY)!

Mason Bee Box in Reclaimed Wood by andrewsreclaimed. $23. Did you know that Mason Bees are the world’s most solitary pollinators? Now you do. And I’ve had my eye on this gorgeous boxes for awhile now. Sure, I’d love the extra help with making my garden (and the earth in general) happy, but let’s face it-that wood burned bee image is downright impossible to resist!

Antique Dough Bowl by lunaparkfoundry. $62. Whether you’re into antiques, the rustic, or modern, there’s no denying that this is just plain cool. This is the type of piece that has so much personality of its own you don’t have to worry about anything else in the room-except maybe a table to put it on, of course.

Jatoba Wood Iphone4 case by woodkaseusa. $49. Come on. A wooden iphone4 case. ‘Nuff said.

Woodburned Gift Tags by LazyLightningArt. $5 for 6. Sure, you could just go with those free gift tag stickers that charity sent you for free in the mail….or you could totally rock your holiday office party, teacher presents, or family gifts with these. We think the choice is clear.

Santos Rosewood Bentwood Ring Lined with Golden Koa by stoutwoodworks. $90. What do you get the person who has everything? This gorgeous bentwood ring. Or, for that matter, any of the gorgeous bentwood rings by stoutwoodworks. A huge variety of woods, inlays, and all custom made, trust us-they’ll thank you for it.

Vintage Rustic Pulley by DonkeeHouse. $36. Okay, I have a confession: I don’t know what I’d do with this. But I do know that I really, really, really love it. The aged wood and old metal combo? I’m a total sucker for it. So feel free to get it for me…I’m sure I could find the perfect place for it. Really.

Ethereal Rising Nested Box Elder Bowls by mayke77. $107. Two words: Yes. Please. Granted, I’m fairly certain if I had these bowls in my possession all I’d do is stare at them all day, but still-pretty sure I’m willing to take that chance. Gorgeous, one of a kind, and breath taking. So again: Yes. Please.


(Please remember that all images are property of individual artists. Thanks!)

Thursday Shout Out: A Few of Our Favorites

Let’s face it-this is the busiest time of year for pretty much everybody, so instead of focusing on one artist and having them take time out of their busy days and answer a few questions from us, we’re re-vamping the Shout Out and just showcasing some of the awesome things we’ve come across. Each photo is property of the individual seller, of course, and hopefully you’ll find them as tempting as we do!

My Land-Oil Field, by elluka. $13. I want to live there. Yes, I know it’s entitled “Oil Field”, but I don’t care. The red house calls to me!

Use Your Inside Voice Print by rollandtumblepress. $20. Pretty sure this should be posted in the Meatbagz workshop. And in every room in my house.

Vintage Playskool Postal Station by mercanstyle. $22.50. I had one of these when I was a kid and it was totally awesome. Mail abounded.

Vintage Tiger Tobacco Lunch Box by cattales. $17. Not only an awesome vintage find, but come on…you know that tiger totally scares away would be lunch thieves.

Embroidered Patch Long Shirt by xiaolizi. $59. Imagine this over leggings or jeans? It would make even us look good!

Old School Linoleum Block Print by ericaharris. $25. 1. We love roosters. 2. We love all things old school. 3. We love this print.

Vintage Stuffed Red Horse by vintagejane. $26. This guy just looks like he’s ready to give somebody some love. So somebody buy him. Please.

Be The Change Print by sunnychampagne. $16. A beautiful quote in a beautiful print.

Stunning Red Glass Pearl Necklace by cbcollection. $65. Let’s face it-you could wear this with ripped jeans and a ratty t-shirt and still look amazing. Which is pretty much all we ever wear, so we’re always looking for stuff like this.

Ruby Red Bike Print by Raceytay. $30. What’s better than a shiny red bike? Nothin’. Unless it’s a shiny red bike in a shop that’s having a sale…and they’re currently having a buy one get one free sale-you can’t beat that!