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Thursday Shout Out: Thank You For Being Our Friend

We happen to be insanely lucky-we have the extreme good fortune to know a solid number of talented folks who inspire us, make our jaws drop at their awesomeness, and otherwise make us happy to know them. And even better news, some of them even have Etsy shops, so you can get to know them too. So today’s Shout Out is all about people we know, and people we think you should know too.

Clay bird by REvolutionMadeByHand. $10. What can we say? Our friend Jeromy happens to be a regular old Renaissance man. He sculpts, he photographs, he sews, he paints, he designs…the list could go on. But one of our favorites from his shop right now is none other than this sweet little red bird. Forget the bluebird of happiness, put this little clay songster on your desk, a shelf, or anywhere else you’ll look when you’re in need of a smile. This birdy will deliver.

Cranberry Brown and Red Leather Watch with Rivet Detailing by malamoosebeadery. $40. Bethany of Malamoose Beadery has a way with watches. What could be a throwaway accessory turns into a piece of art in her hands-and, if you’re lucky, on your wrist. We love the thick and thin leather straps on her Cranberry watch, not to mention the rivet detailing and beautiful touch of color. It is simple and yet makes a big statement…which, really, is pretty darn impressive.

Bean’s Big Bag in Sea Leaves and Slate Dots by thetinybean. $45. Listen, we know bags. And when we saw this beauty in our friend Kristi’s shop, we knew we liked what we saw. Generously sized to lug around what you need but stylish enough to keep you from feeling like a pack mule, this bag will be your BBF (best bag forever, in case you were wondering). Pinky swear.

Large Yellow Porcelain Serving Bowl by LittleGoatsPlay. $40. Do you know what’s awesome about Anna? Well, pretty much everything, really, but we were thinking more specifically of how her absolutely stunning pottery reminds us of learning to bake with our Grandmas. They always had the most beautiful, functional, and simple pottery-sturdy enough for every day but so pretty sitting on the table for Christmas dinner. Anna’s serving bowl, with it’s graceful, organic lines and soft yellow glaze would fit right in at Gram’s farmhouse table…and that’s pretty much the highest compliment we can give.


Thursday Shout Out: Purple and Green

Unarguably one of the coolest color combos we’ve ever seen…and we don’t think we’re alone in feeling that way!

Eggplant Purple and Fern Green Mug by MarkHudak. $21. We dare you not to have a better morning by using this as your tea or coffee mug. In fact, we triple dog dare you. This hand thrown mug is not only beautifully crafted, the gorgeous colors in the glazes will make even the drowsiest morning better. We promise.

Merino Hand Dyed Roving-3.8 oz.  by moonlightandlaughter. $17. This is why we wish we were spinners. Or felters. Or just rich hoarders of roving. So soft, so colorful, so awesome….we may not be spinners, felters, or hoarders (at least of roving), but we can still appreciate the absolute awesomeness of this.

Farmer’s Market Felted Wool Bag by Blackbirddesignhouse. $102. Hmmm, speaking of felting. Have we ever mentioned that we have a bit of a thing for farmer’s market bags? Because we do. Add to that awesome felted purple and green stripes, super sweet leather handle, and room for all of our veggies and we’re yours.

Peacock Silk Dupioni Cannelita Blossom Hair Facinator by ZazzarettiBridal. $70. Okay, we have to admit, we’re pretty much jeans and t-shirts kind of broads, but this hair facinator is just too stunning to ignore. Sure, we probably won’t be wearing it around the workshop, but give us a good holiday party or wedding to go to and this will make us the most beautiful broads in the room. Even in our jeans and t-shirts.