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Thursday Shout Out: Back To School Cool

It’s true-back to school time is upon us. Whether your kiddo (or you!) have already started or you’re watching the days fly by until September, there’s still time to get yourself prepared. Lucky for you, we’ve got a solid collection of crafters who can help us all out.

Mini Cards Lunchbox Notes by TwoPaperAddicts. $3. Young or old, your favorite girl will smile when she sees one of these beautiful notes tucked in her lunch. Granted, she’ll probably hide it from her friends in embarrassment and roll her eyes at you when she gets off the bus, but still-you know she loves it. What better way to let her know that you’re thinking of her, even while she’s away stuffing her brains with all sorts of important information? She’ll never admit it, but it will make her day.

Back to School iPad Cover by Botene. $32.99. As much as it pains us to admit it, we realize that kids these days are more likely to haul around an iPad than a bag full of books. Sigh. But if we’re forced to embrace technology, we’re going to wrap it in handmade goodness-and this gorgeous cover from Botene fits the bill. Padded and lined with velvet, this will keep you looking stylish, your iPad safe, and yeah, we guess we have to admit it-you’ll be pretty smart, too.

Vintage School Poster “Always Do Your Best” by vintagegoodness. $11.95. How many times have you heard it? Mom always said, “Just do your best, and that’s all that matters.” Well, we’ve finally figured out she was right, so it just figures that this awesome vintage print from 1959 is around to remind us when she’s not. Whether you want it for your classroom, your home, or your office, the simple graphics and awesome sentiment will keep you doing your best-and that’s what matters.

Back to School Shirt for the Ultra Cool Kid-Kindergarten Rocks by Revolution46R46. $16. Scary but true: we have three (count them three) kids headed to kindergarten in a few short weeks-and they’ll all be in the same class! Obviously, as the offspring of the Meatbagz Broads, they are required to represent-and we’ve found the shirt to make sure they do. This T is seriously rockin’, and cool enough for even the most hesitant kid to get excited about. Look out kindergarten, here come the Meatbagz kids! Don’t say you haven’t been warned!


Thursday Shout Out: Beauty in Simplicity

In honor of being included in March’s Poppytalk Handmade Market, this week’s shout out features fellow Poppytalkers. We’re always amazed and awed by the beauty that can be found in simplicity-after all, there’s nothing to hide behind and so much to appreciate-and these talented artists all exhibit this to a T.

Concrete Fruit Bowl by atstuart. $50. Wow, talk about simplicity making a statement: this hand formed, hand cast bowl is stunning. It’s elegant, it’s minimalist, and it lets the beauty of its form and material speak for itself. Perfect for any interior, it becomes a piece of art by holding a few apples or even a houseplant. We would happily build a home around just this piece and call ourselves content.

fallow fields I by lottahelleberg. $450. Think this is yet another cool painting? Think again-it’s actually a fabric collage, made entirely with plant dyed and eco-printed linen. You seriously need to read the product description to grasp the full awesomeness of this piece, but it’s easy to see that it’s breathtaking. The subtle patterns and designs from the plants used to dye and print the fabric, the quiet stitching, right down to the reclaimed hardwood frame, these piece of art exudes peace and beauty.

In a row 8×12 photographic print by suziechaney. $35. It doesn’t get much simpler or more beautiful than fresh brown eggs, lined up and waiting in early morning light. The muted colors and soft tones of this print make us dream of white farm houses, open windows, and the clucking of chickens right outside our door. When three eggs can do all that, you know you’ve gotten something right.


Leather iPad Case in Saddle Tan with Baseball Stitch Detail by JJBoyles. $195. We’re blown away by the gorgeousness of the leather and attention to detail on this iPad case. The hand stitching, the character of the leather, and the simple beauty of the design itself all work perfectly together. Let’s face it-tons of people have iPads,  but if you want to really stand out you’ll have an iPad case like this one. And you want one more piece of awesome? You can have it monogrammed. That, our friends, is called the cherry on top.