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Official Meatbagz Decree #64


Official Meatbagz Decree #64


Do What You Can


We don’t like to get all crazy political on The Official Meatbagz Blog, and this is as close as we’re going to get…but we have to say it:

There’s something to this whole “Buy Local, Buy Handmade” thing.

Sure, you’re probably shaking your head, muttering to yourself, “Of course you  say that-you sell handmade stuff,” but it’s more than that.  You see, we do try to buy local, buy handmade, and not just to put our money where our mouths are, but because we feel good when we do it. We enjoy talking to neighbors, spending our money in our own town, shopping somewhere where people are genuinely appreciative for your business and not just paid minimum wage to stand behind a counter and wish us happy holidays.


There’s no use being militant about it.

Sometimes, just sometimes, people tend to take things to the extreme. It’s the same deal with anything in life-you have to do what you can and feel okay about that. So, despite the fact that we depend on people who buy our bags, spending their hard earned money in our shop, we also don’t blame them when they spend their money elsewhere.

Here’s the thing-sometimes buying local or handmade doesn’t happen. It can’t happen. Just not feasible. We’ve both got kids who see crap on tv or in catalogs that they’ve snagged out of the recycle bin and fall in love with. And, as mamas, it’s not worth breaking our kid’s hearts on Christmas morning when they don’t find an underwater “seascope” telescope thingy that they had their hearts set on because we couldn’t find one hand carved out of mahogany on Etsy or even at any even remotely local store, even if it’s a big box one.

So what do we do? We order it. We do what we can. And then we buy fun stocking stuffers from the local village general store, where they still sell penny candy (for a little more than a penny). We find handmade alternatives for things if there are some, and when there aren’t, well…we don’t beat ourselves up about it. We do what we can.

So here’s hoping that you spend your holidays doing what you can to make the people you love happy, whether it’s making handmade gifts for your friends and family, crossing off your entire shopping list after a morning on Etsy or other handmade marketplace, stocking up on goodies from your favorite local store, or yes, heading out to the mall and making somebody’s day by finding just exactly the right thing…or some combination thereof.

Do what you can, and feel good about it.

It’s not a bad mantra to have, when you think about it.