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Thursday Shout Out: Beach Bums

While some of us may have spent last weekend in Maine, playing in the surf and relaxing, others were stuck at home…wishing we were in Maine, playing in the surf and relaxing. So here’s Kate’s dreamy packing list of just what she’d need to bring on her glorious trip to the coast. (She’d tell you what Mack brought, but since she wasn’t invited she doesn’t know. Hmph.)

Vintage Red Metal Ice Chest by ZellesAttic. $85. 1. It says PLEASURE CHEST. 2. Bottle opener on the side. 3. Cool drinks, warm sand, and blue water. 4. IT SAYS PLEASURE CHEST. I think that about covers it, really.

Beach Blanket of Pure Linen Flax Fabric by AMIZANTI. $79. Bring on the rays, and bring on the shade! Amazanti’s brilliant design gives you the best of both worlds: this beautiful linen blanket can be a stellar beach towel, a great throw to lay on, or, best of all, a gorgeous sun shade. Three uses for one? When it comes to dragging stuff to the beach, that’s an automatic win.

Natural Sunscreen in Lime and Coconut by rainwaterbotanicals. $9 for 6 oz. Gone are the days of sitting for hours on end in the sun, baking in baby oil. Gone are the days of grabbing whatever chemical laden, super stinky, and totally greasy sunscreen the convenience store has on the shelves, too. With rainwaterbotanicals natural and (what we can only assume is) delicious smelling sunscreen you’ll be protected and  comfortable. Read their description-truly informative and straightforward, these peeps obviously know their stuff.

The Original Buoy Bat Red/Yellow by BuoyBatSportsLLC. $34.95. Made from authentic hardwood buoys, these bats not only scream “beach”, they scream “fun”! Whether you’re having a casual hit and toss or a full on, multi-generational championship game (losers buy ice cream!), this bat and ball combo is an obvious must-have for the beach.

Sunscreen & Sandals Beach Bag by The Sunshine Stitch. $22. You know what the only thing worse than leaving the beach at the end of the day? Leaving the beach at the end of the day and coming home to discover that everything you own has sand in it. Lucky for all of us, these adorable (and colorful!) bags leave the beach at the beach while keeping your stuff with you. Customized with any of the four colors shown (or order a pre-made bag from the rest of her shop) you’ll look stylin’ and smart.