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Thursday Shout Out: Cool It

Pretty much everyone, everywhere in the U.S. is pushing through a heat wave, whether it’s the normal summer sun or the crazy weather that’s hitting the middle of the country (many people suffering through  without power, no less). But the good news is, the weather peeps assure us that the heat is headed down to more manageable levels in the coming days, and until then, we havesome sweet finds to cool us off.

Westinghouse Electric Fan by MyLittleThriftStore. $50. There’s a lot to be said for looking cool while being cool, and this awesome vintage table fan easily fits both of those bills. In perfect working order, this baby will keep that you comfortable in even the hottest of weather, and hey, when the humidity finally breaks, the good news is this Westinghouse fan will still function: by being a conversation piece and the envy of all the cool cats in the neighborhood, as it sits on your shelf waiting for the next go round.

20 Wooden Ice Cream Spoons with Trellis Pattern by sucreshop. $8. We still remember the wonder of those little cups of ice cream with wooden spoons from when we were kids-was there anything better?-and with these adorable spoons from sucreshop we can capture that feeling again. Updated with a super sweet  raspberry trellis pattern, these spoons bring the simplicity of being a kid having a treat off the truck to even the most sophisticated (not to mention earth friendly) party.

Silk Sari Maxi Dress by JacknBoots. $68. What could feel better on a scorching day than a silk dress? And this dress is so gorgeous you’ll be begging the weatherman for record highs, just for the excuse. In great vintage condition, a beautifully unique print, and in size M/L (but fitting smaller sizes as well, for that bohemian look), this dress is simply amazing.

Four Martini Glasses-Hand Engraved “Reaching Branches” by daydreemdesigns. $98. What could be better after a hot day at the office than an ice cold martini? We love the engraved “Reaching Branches” design-it brings to mind cold winter nights, and fingers of ice creeping up the classic martini stemware-perfect for a refreshingly cold beverage (with a twist).


Thursday Shout Out: Activity Time

When we were kids, summer vacation meant lazily sitting around with a good book, playing in the backyard with each other, and drinking cold lemonade during swim breaks at the lake. When we’re adults, it basically boils down to trying to keep the kids from killing each other out of boredom. Finger paints only keep the kids excited for so long, so we looked to some fellow crafters and artists to help us out.

Paper Doll & Envelope-Miss Candy Pink-Printable PDF by todi. $8. Let’s face it-a rainy summer day is every parent’s nightmare. The good news is, this adorable (and totally original) paper doll set is ready to come to your rescue…and you don’t even need to wait for shipping, just open that e-mail and get the printer ready! The amazing hand drawn and watercolored artwork is sure to impress even the oldest fashionista, and the collection of paper doll clothes will keep them busy for hours. And that, friends, is priceless.

Build Your Own Ant Colony-1970’s Irwin Toy Kit by TheArtofSalvage. $25. Keep your budding scientist busy and the ants (hopefully) in their place with this awesome vintage ant colony kit. It comes with everything you need to create your own ant metropolis…except for the ants, of course…but hey, send the kiddos out into the yard to find some and that will equal even MORE quiet for you!

Needle Felt Kids Craft Kit to make 3D Multicolored Hedgehog by artfeltuk. $35. Kids whining about getting a new pet? Also whining about being bored? Kill two birds with one stone (and save money on all those vet bills) with this super sweet DIY kit that will allow them to make their own funky hedgehog. It comes with everything they need to get a fuzzy new pet as well as an appreciation for the art of felting. And while it won’t play fetch with them in the back yard, just remind them that it’s way better than a pet rock.

Peas in a Pod Mancala Game and Craft Kit by jackbenimbletoys. $38. Not to overload on the whole felting thing, but we couldn’t resist this mancala set! Not only is it totally adorable, but the kiddos even get to get into it by making some of their own pea game pieces! Sure to get them interested in this fun (and dare we say it-educational), they’ll be working on problem solving and math skills while building up some fine motor skills to boot. And you, dear parents, will reap the benefits of beautifully well rounded, creative, quietly content, and super smart kids alllll summer vacation long. You’re welcome.

Thursday Shout Out: Time for a Picnic!

Summer is OFFICIALLY here-hooray! And while we’re busy in the gardens, taking dips in the lakes, and taking long drives with the top down, we’ve got another favorite activity: PICNICS. Young or old, dude or broad, you know you love it too…so be sure to stock up on supplies, toss the basket in the trunk, and go enjoy this summer sunshine!

Navy Blue Picnic Dress (size 4) by StyleApparel. $35 CAD. First step for a successful picnic? Dress the part, of course! With this absolutely adorable dress with totally classic styling in an oversize gingham print, nobody will be paying attention to the food: all eyes will be on you, my dear. Pair it with a pair of cute red pumps (or even flip flops) and you are good to go.

Lemon Meringue Picnic Basket by KazamCreations. $65.95. Come on now, have you ever seen a more picnic worthy basket? We know we haven’t. Described as a “refurbished and upcycled ” picnic basket, it’s been lined with adorable Lemon Meringue and yellow polka dot vintage inspired fabric. It’s got pockets for plates and utensils, room to spare, and dare we say it? Your name written all over it.

Outdoor Rustic Wine Bottle and Glass Holders by MountainManArts. $40. All right, so this may not be a picnic necessity, but you’ll get SO MANY points for style!! We love the rusty finish of this gorgeous set-rugged enough for the manliest of picnickers while classy enough for the broads. Simple, stately, and darn it, pretty much perfection. Can you afford to picnic without them? (Hint: No, you can’t.)

Eco Friendly Waterproof Picnic Blanket in Teal by SewnNatural. $130. You’re almost set, but nobody wants to sit on bare dirt, grass, or sand, so you know what you need: A super awesome blanket to sit your buns on. And lucky for you, we’ve got one for you: Three quilted layers so it’s super comfy on uneven ground, and without any of that nasty (not to mention toxic) PVC or denier polyester which contain all sorts of chemicals you don’t want to sit on (or eat off of). The chevron print is super on trend but also completely classic-just like a picnic!

Thursday Shout Out: Happy Birthday To…!

Let it just be known that June 7th just so happens to be the birthday of one of the coolest broads on the planet. That’s right, folks, today’s Shout Out is dedicated to our very own Mackenzie, and today’s picks are all awesome items that she deserves to have wrapped up with a fancy bow. Not to get too sappy, but Meatbagz wouldn’t exist without her, so if you happen to be proud owner of one of our bagz, rock it a little extra today and send Mack some happy birthday vibes.

it takes courage Linocut Print by PerlaAnne. $20. ee cummings definitely had a way with words, and Stacey Bradley of Perla Anne captured his sentiment perfectly. This hand cut and hand pulled linocut print is simple and sweet, and yet strong and bold at the same time. Kind of like a chick I know….and hopefully you know someone this fits too.

Vintage Ceramic Stoneware XXX Jug Pitcher and Six Mugs by MyOhMiles. $49.95. Here’s a relatively little known fact: Mack happens to be one of the finest makers of Apple Pie Moonshine around these parts. Sure, only the lucky few get to sample her wares and those of us who do usually drink it from good old Mason jars in the back yard, but if she had this set she’d be running a flat out classy establishment. We love the classic brown and white stoneware, we love the “XXX” markings, and darn it-we pretty much love the whole deal.

Red Converse Limited Edition Glicee Print by josartcorner. $30. When I first met Mack she pick pocketed me in the hall by my locker. There’s of course a long story behind this, but I decided that we were going to be friends as I watched her run off, her cons flashing, her hysterical laughter bouncing off the walls. (She wasn’t a particularly good pick pocket.)  Wouldn’t you know it, it’s been many a-long year and she still cracks me up…and I can’t see converse without thinking of her. So it stands to reason that this beautiful glicee print of an original oil painting of red cons deserves a place of honor in this shout out. The strong colors, the comfy slouch of that canvas, and, of course, the classic star logo evokes the glory of the all star in every way.

Hand Stamped Bracelet with Secret Message by WyomingCreative. $15. It’s a simple fact that when you’re lucky enough to have an amazing person in your life you should remind them of just how amazing they are on a regular basis. When you can’t be there in person, let this bracelet serve in your stead. With a hammered textured exterior it is beautiful on its own-with a hidden message (fully customizable, if you have some super secret code you want to utilize to make it even more covert) to make it perfection.

So, Mack, happy birthday. I am crazy lucky that you’re my friend, and you, my dear, are amazing.

Thursday Shout Out: Folk Yeah!

We’ve been longtime fans of folk, and with the recent passing of a few greats we decided this Thursday was a good one to step back, listen to some good pickin’, have a few sips of moonshine, and check out some handmade goods that honor the tradition of folk in tribute.

Medium Folk Yeah Ladies Crew Neck by DowdyStudio. $29. Whiskey, banjos, and some serious folk style, all rolled into one! This t-shirt will proudly (and stylishly) proclaim your love of folk, whether you’re kicking back or out on the town. We love the hand drawn lettering, the totally comfortable fabric, and the flat out awesomeness of this shirt. Earl would be proud.

Woody Guthrie Tribute Linocut Print by HorseAndHare. $15. Hey Woody Guthrie, we made you this print. Well, actually, the awesome peeps over at Horse And Hare did, but you get the idea. A hand pressed linocut, this print exemplifies one of Guthrie’s most famous sentiments perfectly. Simple and strong, we firmly believe that this idea and this piece of art really can kill facists. And that’s a pretty awesome thing.

Oval Serving Plate with Banjo Playing Badger by jimbobart. $150. It seems like banjos are everywhere these days, so why not on your table too? Especially if they’re being played by badgers. In red underoos. Hand drawn on bone china, this guy is Wes Anderson meets Martha Stewart (with a twist). He’s happily pickin’ away on his strings while you’re pickin’ away at your food, and the best part is when you’re done eating, you still get to admire this kick ass little guy (and his red undies).

Pete Seeger “Pete Seeger Sings American Ballads” Original 1975 Record by DropTheNeedle. $29.95 plus 15% off! All right, enough of this talk, now it’s time to listen. Turn off the computer, drop the needle on this vintage vinyl, sit back with some buddies, and enjoy every note of this amazing record. Pete Seeger has always been a-okay in our book, and it’s time to spend some time appreciating him-and others like him-who have helped make our world, both musical and otherwise, what it is today.

Thursday Shout Out: It’s Grill Time

We don’t know about you, but one of our favorite things to do in the summer is hang out in the back yard, watch the kiddies spray each other with the garden hose, and grill up some good eats. Whether your old school charcoal or all stainless steel and propane, we think we can all pretty much agree: the weather is warm, the sky is blue, the grass is cut, and it’s grill time, baby.

BBQ or Pig Roast Invite by bbinvitations. $2.25. The first thing you need for a successful bbq? Well, that would be meat, really. And a grill. But after that you need peeps to enjoy that meat (that you cooked on your grill). Whether you’re going hardcore with a pig roast or just throwing on some burgers, these invites will get your friends to where they need to be: your back yard. The colors and wording are completely customizable, and please-you need to check out the back of these awesometown postcards, which may be even better than the front. No matter what, these are a definite win, and your guests will be talking about them long after the beer and heartburn have worn off.


The Grill Guru Gourmet BBQ Blends by purposedesign. $16.25. Come on now. Just looking at these amazing rubs is making our mouths water. With killer spice combinations such as Memphis BBQ, Java Love, Southwest Chipotle, Tropical Citrus, Ancho Chili, Creole Shrimp, Tuscan Rub, and Cafe Pasilla Rub, you’ve beaten the Jones’ at the grilling game before the meat even hits the grate. Each rub is hand blended, and if they taste even a fraction as good as they look, you know you’re in for a treat. (And PS-the set totally comes with serving suggestions, so if you’re freaked out that you’ll somehow ruin things, no worries. You’re covered.)

25 Silverware Pouches by LeilaAndLace. $12.50. A truly memorable bbq needs to have style too, you know. We love the print of the fancy silverware in contrast to the rustic brown bag, and these adorable silverware pouches are an unexpected but absolutely perfect touch. Make sure your guests have everything they need, right on hand-fork, spoon, knife, napkin-so there’s no running back to the buffet table while your potato salad gets hot in the sun.

BBQ Chef Apron Vintage Gasoline by PointGraphicInk. $34. Don’t let the founder of the feast go unnoticed-or unprotected. This kickass full length apron will not only protect the head chef from spills, splatters, and spices, it will let everyone know without a word that things around this grill get hot, hot, hot! (In case the flames didn’t tip them off.) The worn vintage graphic is modern and yet retro, making this bbq apron a cut above all the rest.

Thursday Shout Out: Risky Business

Since taking risks seems to be our theme for the week, we obviously needed to see what other amazingly risky things were out there. Lo and behold, we found plenty of awesomeness.

It’s Time to Take a Risk Sweetheart by BitsoTruth. $12. Whether this print is meant to inspire your sweetheart or just get you moving yourself, it couldn’t be clearer. Now is the time, Sweetheart, so get a move on. Those risks won’t take themselves.

The Risk to Blossom Gardenia Flower Bracelet by TesoriTrovati. $45. Maybe you need a more subtle reminder to be open to risk. This beautiful vintage inspired bracelet was created with one of our favorite quotes by Anais Nin in mind: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Whether you’re getting ready to hike the Grand Canyon solo, finally open that brick and mortar store, or just ask your boss for a raise, this will give you quiet courage to take the next step.

Risk Balm-Clove and Sweet Orange Natural Beeswax Lip Balm by RiskLoveFreedom. $4 for  .25 oz. The description of this lip balm states that “For all of the adventurers, it is the perfect accompaniment to a mountain climb, white water rafting or underwater caving expedition. It’s also pretty good for a walk around town or quiet dinner for two!” Well, sometimes that dinner for two is the biggest adventure on the list, and we’d be happy to have this sweet lip balm in our pocket, just in case.

Enter at Own Risk Sign by KingstonCreations. $30. Let’s face it-sometimes it’s not about the risk that you’re taking, but rather about the risk others may be thinking about. If that’s the case, grab this awesometown sign, post it where necessary, and watch other people wrestle with indecision for a change-to enter or not to enter? That is the question. And they won’t even be able to say that they weren’t warned when that bear trap snaps shut on their arm. Just sayin’.


Thursday Shout Out: Hippity Hop

Easter is just around the corner, folks, so put the Easter Bunny to shame with some of this handmade awesomeness!

Bunny Rabbit with Heart T-shirt by naturwrk. $26. As if the 100% organic cotton t-shirt wasn’t enough, this super sweet bunny with heart screen print puts it over the top. Somehow managing to be sweet with an edge, this is the perfect gift for the not-so-young Easter basket, and something anyone would be happy to wear all year long.

Pinwheels for Easter-Set of 7   by Paper Polaroid. $10. If you thought seeing colorful Easter eggs hidden in the garden looked sweet, imagine these babies tucked here and there among the daffodils.  A perfect (and pretty) alternative to more candy, these are adorable, fun, and are sure to be the hit of the hunt.

Easter Bunny Hair Clip in Milk Chocolate by PaperdollAccessories. $10. This little hair clip is so darn cute, who could resist wearing it all year? Simple and yet perfect for girls young and old, this is one bunny who won’t hop away once the baskets have been delivered…but is pretty much guaranteed to be taken on many adventures to come.

Toddler Boy Bright Green and White Chevron Tie by theruffleproject. $15. This one’s for the boys…and the moms…and the grandparents…and the passerby…because who can resist a little boy in a tie, especially when it’s one that’s a blend of punk and perfect? Theruffleproject is currently taking names for a waiting list for this awesome accessory (and let’s face it, you weren’t going to get it before Easter anyway), but it’s well worth the wait, because this is definitely a wardrobe piece that needs to be in reserve for your little bad boy who wants to look good.


Happy Easter, peeps, and may you get all of the chocolate of your dreams!

Thursday Shout Out: Go To Work!

All of our complaining and whining about not having time to work ends today, folks-we’re in the shop all day, come hell or high water! So while you’re anxiously awaiting new bagz in the shop, feast your eyes on these motivational beauties!

If You Work Really Hard Eye Chart Print by TheWordShop. $19.95. Pop quiz, hot shot-what happens if you work really hard? In the immortal words of Mr. Conan O’Brien, well…you can read it for yourself. This sweet eye chart style print will make sure you not only have 20/20 vision, but that you can see your goal clear as day. Work hard. Amazing things will happen.

Do Work Gocco Screen Printed Notebook by twoguitars. $8.00. A perfect place to write down all those brilliant ideas while still keeping yourself motivated-score. You’ll carry it around proudly, getting compliment after compliment…and you might even cross something off your to-do list (assuming “get a lot of compliments” is on your list).

Incremental Progress Is Progress Print by licoricewhipshop. $12. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that just because you’re not achieving leaps and bounds doesn’t mean you’re not achieving something. Let this awesome print be a reminder that slow and steady wins the race. Plus, hey-there’s a llama on it.

I Have Shit To Do Stamp by paintitgreen. $8.90. Is there really anything else to say? Make sure you get the point across loud and clear with this awesometown stamp…well made, hilariously funny, and pretty obvious as to the message you’re trying to get across. You have shit to do, so go do it.

Thursday Shout Out: A Meatbagz Morning

Meatbagz mornings are magical things…they don’t happen every morning, but when they do, we appreciate them. They start with tea, tunes, and end with productivity and more than a little cackling laughter. So here’s to mornings like these, Meatbagz or otherwise.

Tea Cup Kitchen Wall Art by mytinytotcreative. $8 for 8×8.

Wagon Wheel Art Print 8×10 by n2design. $16 for 8×10.

6 Green Work Harder Hex Pencils with Kraft Box by thebigharumph. $10.

Live Laugh Love Custom Leather Cuff by luvinpinkstuff. $28.