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The Greatest Thing On Earth.

In case you haven’t heard-Wait, who are we kidding? Of course you’ve heard!-we’re having a sale, right this very second. 20% off everything in the shop….a super sweet deal, if you ask us. But what you may not know is that we have some new bagz in the shop as well. Could it get any better? Probably not, which is why we’re proclaiming this THE GREATEST THING ON EARTH. You may have a few better candidates for that title, but in any case, we’re very pleased to introduce a few of our new favorites (which are ready to become yours). Check ’em out!

This Awesometown Extra Large Backpack had us at hello, and even though we tried to fight it, it has made us backpack converts. Think of it as the backpack version of our Weekender-so roomy you can fit anything you’ll ever need into it, so stylish you’ll be the envy of everyone you come across, and so perfect you’ll wonder what you ever did without it. And at $50 (minus that handy sale we were just talking about) you really can’t afford not to have this bag.

We can’t lie-we were pretty pleased with ourselves when we came up with this new design for these great vintage Czech bags. Pete Seeger, his banjo, and just letting the world know that you’ve got your own song to sing are all happy things, and this bag is just the cherry on top. $40, peeps. Grab ’em now, because they won’t last long.

Another day, another new design, and another new bag. Score across the board! Vintage typewriter keys spelling out “BE TRUE” across a splash of black makes a strong statement on this vintage bag. Not too big and not too small, it will get you where you’re going while making sure you won’t get lost along the way. $35.

Meanwhile, we have other new bagz in the shop, so be sure to stop by and check them all out!


Sale, Sale, SALE!!

We couldn’t wait until our usual blogging day tomorrow, so we’re doing it today! That’s right, folks, we’re having a SALE in the shop! 20% off of EVERYTHING-back to school bound or not!-so take advantage with the coupon code 2COOL. Just enter the code at check out and watch the savings roll on in.

Ah, aren’t sales wonderful things?

FBF: Our Vintage Czech Bread Bag

What can we say? We’re not purse people. It’s true. But the beauty of Meatbagz is that they’re perfect bagz for peeps like us: they carry all the crap we need to drag around with us and never feel like purses…they just feel like awesome bagz, unique fashion statements, and they’re so comfy that we barely notice them. That’s pretty much a win/win in our book.

Our vintage Czech bread bag fits right in to those categories, too. The super wide strap (which, yes, is fully adjustable) is always comfortable across our shoulder, no matter how heavy the bag gets. (Trust us-we’ve packed these suckers full, carried them for hours on end, and not a sore shoulder yet.) But in all honesty, our first thought when we got these for the first time:

“Oooooh, look at the sweet little wooden toggle buttons on these babies!!!”

Yeah, the great, worn in canvas, the perfect dimensions, the wonderful printing surface all meant nothing to us, because damn, we love those toggle buttons. We’re nothing if not practical when it comes to our fixations. You see, in our humble opinions, those buttons are what make what would otherwise be an ordinary (granted, still cute, but ordinary) bag a super cool candidate for the Meatbagz Hall of Fame ™.

And honestly, it makes an awesome dude bag to boot-after all, anything that’s vintage military was designed to be a dude bag at the beginning! Just ask Sam, our resident male model: even he admits they’re “pretty sweet”-high praise, if you ask us.

Our vintage Czech bread bag is most definitely one of our Favorite Bagz Forever. Check out the shop for one of your own, or, find your OWN favorite bag and let us know what you think of it!

FBF-Our Favorite Bagz Forever!

After Kate’s review of our Weekender the other day, we realized something: we know our bagz better than anybody, so why not write up reviews of a few of our favorites? So for the next few weeks that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We know. It’s a pretty brilliant and earth shatteringly original plan. This is precisely why we’re such savvy businesswomen.

In any case, we thought we’d start with the very first vintage bag we ever printed: our love, our sweet, our Vintage Swiss military bread bag.

We actually have two versions of this bag, one without leather and one with. Those leather straps were originally belt loops, but we’ve taken them, added some sweet brass buttons, and turned them into an extra layer of security to hold pouch of the bag shut aside from the hook and eye closure. The Meatbagz camp is divided-Kate loves the leather straps, both for function and for looks (because, come on-vintage leather. YUM.) whereas Mack uses a bag without the straps and swears by it, saying it makes it super easy to get in and out of her bag on the go. So apparently you’ll just have to come up with your own opinion about that.

We get a lot of questions from customers about this bag-not just because it’s super cool, unique, and the worn in brown canvas is to die for, but there’s understandable concern about the fact the top is open and doesn’t secure closed. What we tell them is this: Mack and I have both carried this style bag every day for years, and thanks to whatever act of magic concocted by the bag designers of the Swiss government, we have never had anything fall out of them. Like, ever. Which is pretty amazing considering how roughly we treat our bagz. (Call it quality control.) We toss them into the car, on the ground under our seats at the coffee shop, we let the kids carry them…and everything that started out in there ends up in there every time.

Another thing we like about the Swiss bags is the ridiculous amount of stuff you can cram in there. The bag looks fairly straightforward, but once you start packing in your wallet, phone, oh, and this action figure, the grocery list, the mail that needs to be dropped off, a water bottle, tissues, and that bag of pretzels that you’re hoping to sneak without the kids noticing…you’ll be amazed at how easily it can turn into your carry all. And the best part? It’s totally a dude bag OR a bag for a rockin’ broad!

Of course function is great and all, but let’s face it-it looks freaking cool too. The brown canvas comes in various shades of worn in awesome, and we’ve never seen two alike. The back of the leather strap is stamped-on every bag-with the year it was made as well as either the soldier it was issued to or the town it was made in. We’ve heard varying reports via the internetz and aren’t sure, but we do know we’ve never seen two alike (and it seems kind of odd to think of hundreds of different towns in Switzerland all busy on

the production of bread bags).

And then there’s of course the occasional mementos from the soldiers themselves…names, dates, or even just numbers written on the backs of bags by the guys who used them. That, friends, you can’t fake.

Last but not least, our Meatbagz prints. We love the relationship between these beat up brown bags and the simplicity of our images with these bags. As soon as we got them we realized they have so much darn personality on their own, we wanted our prints to accentuate the awesomeness, not overpower it. And that’s exactly what we managed to pull off. When we’re wearing these bags we always feel like we have a solid mix of individuality, convenience, and kick-ass style.  We get stopped on the street and asked about them (by, we have to point out, the coolest people ever, and not just because they’re interested in Meatbagz!) and that’s quite  a lot to get out of a bit of leather and canvas.

So, if you have any thoughts about YOUR Swiss bag, and questions we didn’t answer, or heck, any bagz you want our reviews on,  leave ’em in the comments! We’ll be back next week!

Have Weekender, Will Travel

We’ve always known that the Meatbagz Weekender was a super sweet bag and that it’d be perfect for a weekend away (thus the name), but this was the first time we’ve really been able to test it out in the real world for ourselves. That is if you consider Times Square the “real” world, of course.Yep, that’s right: this weekend Kate left the quiet life of upstate NY and headed straight into the hustle and bustle of NYC, husband and kids in tow. And let it be known, if a bag packed with clothes, stuffed animals, and enough stuff to keep two kids distracted for a three and a half hour car ride can be hauled comfortably around while keeping a four year old at your side through Times Square, we consider that a serious WIN.

So, here’s the official run down:

  • I was super appreciative of the heavy duty strap. I was wearing it crosswise over my body, and while I held the handles to take some of the weight off my shoulders, I could easily just wear it-very useful when I needed two hands to keep my son from tripping on curbs, since he was too busy looking up at the skyscrapers to pay attention to where he was walking.
  • The two outer pockets were CRAZY handy….and secure enough with the heavy duty velcro and snap closures so I had no concerns about losing anything out of them, either in the car or while pushing through the crowds.
  • Can you say roomy? I not only packed all of my clothes and toiletries, I also had the kids’ pajamas, stuffed animals (and let the record show that they do not pack light in the stuffed animal department), giant water bottle, and an extra set of shoes in there. And I could have crammed more in there if I had needed to. BAM!
  • My husband was dragging our rolling suitcase behind him while he held our daughter’s hand, and he kept looking back at me wistfully. Being able to carry the bag as opposed to pulling it over crowded sidewalks was a huge plus. Maneuvering was a snap comparatively.
  • As a country bumpkin, I am always well aware of my complete lack of “city” style. I don’t wear leggings or high heels, my hair is not done, and make up? Oh, fine. I’ll put on some mascara. But I have to admit, even though I was obviously a tourist in my beat up sneaks and not-so-skin-tight jeans, I felt downright fashionable with my Meatbagz. The weekender was cool and unique (and way better than all those Louis Vuitton bags everyone else was sporting), and let’s face it-you KNOW all those city chicks were staring at my golden dragonfly with total envy.
  • I’ve always loved the heavy duty zipper just for aesthetic purposes, but it turns out the darn thing functions too! By the time we were ready to leave, the bag had souvenirs up the wazoo, and while I had my doubts about getting the darn thing closed, that zipper held everything safe and sound. My husband, upon seeing me finish packing up, shook his head and said “I have to admit, this is a pretty awesome weekend bag.” So there you have it, folks, high praise indeed!



Baby, We’ve Got BRAND NEW BAGZ!

We may have been absent from the blogosphere, peeps, but we’ve been busy in the workshop. Check out our brand new Meatbagz!

We’ve been waiting and waiting to get this Awesometown Black Messenger Bag up in the shop. The leather straps and brass hardware are so cool we can hardly put it into words. If we had real jobs, this is so the bag we’d use to make all the girls in the cubicles jealous.

O, yeah. And we also have it in khaki.

For all you tech geeks out there (come on, you know who you are), we now have these super sweet tablet bags-sturdy enough to use on their own, lightweight enough to use as a second layer of protection in a larger bag.

And with both the Boar and the Dodo designs to choose from, people will all be like “Heeeey, where’d you get that sweet tech bag?” and you’ll be all like “Heeeey, from Meatbagz, of course!”

Last but certainly not least, we have the kickin’ Golden Dragonfly Shoulder Bag. We realized awhile ago that what we really do is make bagz for people who hate purses, and this one proves us right. Never girly but always kick ass, this is our new favorite for running out the door with the bare essentials.

Yeah. See what happens when we step away from the computer for a bit? All sorts of goodness, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Blogging Break, Commencing…NOW!

All right, peeps, in an attempt to get ourselves motivated (and away from the computer), we’re taking a blogging break for two (yes, TWO!) weeks. We’ve got a pile of bags that need to be cleaned up and printed, a workshop that desperately needs to be cleaned and re-organized, plans that need to be made, and darn it, we’re going to get our blood flowing again, come hell or high water. So while we may be quiet on ye olde blog, we shall try to keep you updated via facebook. (This may or may not end up being just posting pics of us acting like morons while “working”.)

So have a productive (and fabulous) few weeks, folks, and we’ll see you back here February 28th with some NEW BAGZ for you to enjoy.



(PS-Happy Valentine’s Day!)