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Your Questions Answered: Part II

We’ve gotten quite the response to last week’s Questions post, and have gotten even more questions from our loyal fans! Heck, one friend even stopped by ye olde workshop for a tour and asked a few questions that had been burning a hole in his brain for (what he claimed was) FOREVER. That’s what we love, folks: Meatbagz fans who are just as crazy awesome as we are.

Q: Where do you get your bags to print?

A: We get them from all over-various on-line Army/Navy stores, European wholesalers, even camping and survivalist sites. We spend a ridiculous amount of time trolling the internet looking for cool, printable bagz.

Q: Do you have an offical “Meatbagz font”? Also, where do you get it? Also, where do you get your images? Also, is Todd the hobo angry that I came to the workshop today? Also, is he right behind me right now? Also, can I have a Twizzler?

A: Kinda.

A: On-line.

A: Various antique and royalty free sources, then we adapted them and make them “Meatbagz” worthy.

A: Probably.

A: Probably.

A: No, sorry. Those are for Meatbagz employees only.

Q: Where do these “Official Meatbagz Decrees” come from? Do they actually function, or just exist?

A: We started making Decrees because we couldn’t stand the thought of working under the constraints of rules in our workshop…where’s the fun in that? So they both function and exist. We keep them on an easy to reference clipboard by the stairs in case we should ever need them to settle a disagreement.

Q: Wait a minute, I’ve known you for a few years now, Mackenzie-when did you get glasses?

A: I didn’t.

Q: Do you have a favorite bag?

Kate: Mine is the Swiss vintage bag. It was our first vintage bag, so there’s a certain amount of sentimentality attached. Plus I love the worn in, brown canvas and the leather straps. And I will cry when we can’t find any more to print. That’s a promise.

Mack: Mine is the vintage Czech toggle bag with our bee print. I love the details on the bag-those wooden toggle buttons are awesome-and I have a thing for bees. That’s my winner.

Q: Do you really amuse yourselves as much as you claim to?

A: Yes, yes we do.

Thanks for all your questions, peeps, and remember-if you have any more, don’t be afraid to ask!


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