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A Taste of Fame…

A few months back Kate was struck by the uncontrollable urge to buy something for the shop that was not, in fact, bagz.


Despite the uncharted territory, the innate un-bagness, and the very real possibility of being stuck with some merchandise that our customers may or may not care about, we went for it…

and snapped up three absolutely gorgeous vintage Swiss Army blankets. They may not have been bagz, but they were just too beautiful to pass up.

Fast forward a bit-we get a convo from a very nice woman who is interested in purchasing one of the blankets…but she needs it tomorrow. Can we make it happen?

After more than a little back and forth, a fair amount of scrambling, numerous e-mails, and some time on the phone with this lovely customer, we do, in fact, make it work. And as Mackenzie took her info over the phone, she inquired as to why she needed it so quickly.

Because, our lovely customer informed us, she needed it for a photoshoot which was taking place that weekend for a certain well known magazine.

We sent the blanket.

Fast forward a little bit more, to this past Saturday. What should Kate find in her mailbox?

As Kate flipped through the pages, she began to notice a theme: autumnal oranges, and a strong emphasis on reds….and then:

Hello, Beautiful.

There was our blanket (which was never really “ours” in any permanent sense of the term and we didn’t modify in any way, shape, or form, but we found it and we sold it and it passed through our workshop and so we take a certain amount of pride in it), made in to the coolest ottoman slip cover one could hope to see.

No, it’s not our big break, and no, there’s no way any one in the world at large will ever know that we had anything to do with this (except for you, of course), but hey, it’s our little taste of fame, and we think it’s pretty cool. And we can’t deny that.

The end.


About meatbagz totes

Mackenzie is an award winning pie maker, a fast driver, and a screen printing mastermind. Kate is a designer, occasional neat freak, and tea drinking madwoman. They both believe in the power of good karma, air banding as a valid form of exercise, and that getting your hands dirty is a good way to keep your soul clean. Together they make up Team Meatbagz.

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  1. That’s awesome!!! Way to go guys.

  2. How awesome is that:)


  3. Nosy Neighbor Here!

    I’ve been on the lookout for this since you told my mother-in-law and me about the blanket in August. I saw it yesterday in BHG and called up M-I-L. We were thrilled, in a vicarious-sort-of-way. Congrats!!! 🙂


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