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A Walk on the Wild Side (or, How Playing Hookey Pays)

The other day, suffering from post craft show burn out, we played hookey. Ignoring the bagz that still need to be unpacked and inventoried, the  photographs that needed to be taken, and the state of complete chaos that the workshop was in, we decided that it was absolutely necessary to take a walk up into the back field behind the schoolhouse and do some exploring.

So, facing our fears of snakes (Mack’s personal nightmare), ticks (Kate’s major phobia), and the possibility of discovering hobos (dead or alive) in broken down shacks (it could happen), we walked into the wilds.

We knew we were on the right track when the first broken down shack revealed not hobos, but some sort of military ammo/missile box. Empty, of course, and insanely heavy, but that didn’t stop us. Considering we kind of have a thing for that sort of stuff we considered it a sign. We thought “This adventure couldn’t possibly get any better than this!”

And then. Oh, my dears, oh, my darlings, then we discovered just how wrong we were. Because the adventure got a heckofa lot better with our next discovery. For what should we see, hiding in the trees and nestled in the tall grass (again, not hobos)?

CARS. Beautiful, beaten, rusted out old cars, that are right up Meatbagz alley.

(Note to self: Make sign for upper field that says “Meatbagz Alley”.)

And that, dear friends, is when we did jigs of joy amongst the weeds. Our old door at the schoolhouse is a great background for photographs, but you know what is even better?

Old cars. (Insert bag here.)

So as soon as Kate gets the brush hog up there and takes care of some of that snake-infested, tick-ridden overgrowth (o yeah, you can expect pics of that, too) Meatbagz Alley will be Meatbagz Central.

And just think, if we hadn’t played hookey, the cars would have remained undiscovered, the awesomeness unappreciated, and, basically, the imaginary hobos would have won.

We obviously can’t have that.


About meatbagz totes

Mackenzie is an award winning pie maker, a fast driver, and a screen printing mastermind. Kate is a designer, occasional neat freak, and tea drinking madwoman. They both believe in the power of good karma, air banding as a valid form of exercise, and that getting your hands dirty is a good way to keep your soul clean. Together they make up Team Meatbagz.

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