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Thursday Shout Out: The Great Outdoors

It’s officially summer, and that means it’s officially time to get out of the house and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether that conjures up pup tents and campfires, camp cottages and rustic decor, or airstream trailers and an open road, Etsy is a good place to start.

New Cascade Chair: Vintage Water Ski Adirondack Chair by BoatHouseChairCo. $700. Time to kick back by the water and enjoy the sun, peeps! This twist on the classic Adirondack Chair is high on style, ingenuity, and awesomeness. The gorgeous wood of the vintage water skis sets off the simplicity of the design perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, you may never make it off the dock and into the water.

Rare 1961 Fireball Travel Trailer by CityGurlCountryGurl. $9,500. The open road is calling us…and boy do we need to see where it takes us with this trailer hitched behind. Road ready and lovingly restored, we can’t imagine a sweeter way to travel across country (or even across the yard) for some retro camping out in style. She even has a pink stove and ice box, for heaven’s sake! Talk about being the envy of the campground!

The Happy Camper Leather Belt Buckle by flightpathdesigns. $38. So what do you do during the week, or on those weekends you can’t get away? Wear this beautiful leather belt buckle, of course, and imagine that you’re out in the woods with a couple of dogs roasting over an open fire instead of stuck behind a desk or re-organizing the garage.

Unique Witch Hazel Knot Compass by WildernessSerenity. $12. Headed off into the great wilderness? Don’t forget this gorgeous accessory! Every seasoned hiker will tell you a compass is an important thing to have with you just in case you wander off the beaten path, and with a super cool compass like this you wouldn’t even think of leaving the campsite without it. A water filled compass set in a witch hazel knot and outfitted with a handy leather strap to keep it close, this will make sure you never get lost (unless you want to be).

The Great Outdoors Mini Wood Grain Notebook in Blue by CampfireChic. $5.50. Be sure to record all your musings and adventures in this adorable mini notebook so you don’t forget a single moment. A perfect size for tossing in a backpack or sticking in a pocket, you’ll never have an excuse not to jot down the story of that perfect night with buddies or sketch that amazing view. So keep it close-so that when the cold weather descends again you can just look through this and be back at the lake, campfire roaring and friends by your side.


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Mackenzie is an award winning pie maker, a fast driver, and a screen printing mastermind. Kate is a designer, occasional neat freak, and tea drinking madwoman. They both believe in the power of good karma, air banding as a valid form of exercise, and that getting your hands dirty is a good way to keep your soul clean. Together they make up Team Meatbagz.

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  1. City Gurl~Country Gurl

    Thank u for featuring my trailer. Stopped by your shop and love ur bagz! Happy Trails~Sheri

  2. Thank you for featuring my notebook and telling me about it! There is a discount code on my blog to celebrate my shop’s one-year anniversary today 🙂


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