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We’re baaaaack…

And better than ever! That’s right, peeps, we spent our “vacation” working our fingers to the bone. In fact, we’re still at it-we’re off trying to get some good pics at the school house and uploading the new bags to the shop as you read. AS. YOU. READ.

Let’s just say that we’re crazy excited about the new bags that we got from Europe. We’ve been printing both the old, tried and true images on them as well as some brand new images that are quickly working their way onto our favorites list. It almost makes the whole “Sure it’s vacation but in fact we have to work harder than we have in quite some time because these bags won’t print themselves” thing okay.

But we took one for the team and kept working away. Kate didn’t even have a chance to sit and enjoy her tea-Mack just kept yelling “Keep heat setting, KEEP HEAT SETTING!” until poor Kate was forced to multi-task (one of her least favorite things to do, truth be told).

No worries, though. She suffered through. Somehow.

But it was all worth it, because just check out that pile o’ bags. Pretty rockin’, right? Right. So be sure to check in at the shop and you’ll see these (and then some) in all their glory…and we hope you’ll be half as excited about them as we are.


About meatbagz totes

Mackenzie is an award winning pie maker, a fast driver, and a screen printing mastermind. Kate is a designer, occasional neat freak, and tea drinking madwoman. They both believe in the power of good karma, air banding as a valid form of exercise, and that getting your hands dirty is a good way to keep your soul clean. Together they make up Team Meatbagz.

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  1. WELCOME BACK!!!! Yes, you were missed. Sometimes a “working” vacation acts to excite and energize; happy to hear that seems to be the case with you lovely Meatbagz gals. Good on you and congrats. I am off to shop the shop!

    • Aw, thanks! We’re glad to be back, and yes, though we’re pretty much exhausted, we’re also crazy excited about all the new bags we managed to get into the shop. Hope you find something you like!!


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