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Meet the Meatbagz Mascots (or, the Mascots of Meatbagz)

We’d be remiss if we pretended that Meatbagz was just a two woman show. Because it’s not. We’ve got a whole, fabulous supporting cast, and no, we’re not talking about our husbands, suppliers, fellow artists, or local post office.


We’re talking about our dogs.

This is Curry, Mack’s little sausage of a rescue. Granted, she spends most of her time buried under the covers dreaming of warmer climes, but she’s always up for a good cuddle or two while fresh prints are drying. Plus, Kate likes to chase her around saying “You little sausage! Curry, you’re a little sausage!”

She doesn’t seem to mind too much, because even she knows she’s a little sausage.

This is Daisy, Mack’s other mutt. Daisy enjoys chasing squirrels up trees and laying in the sun. She’s no sausage, but we’ll tell you one thing: she is by far the favorite pup on our friendly UPS man’s route. Bitter Phil (we call him “Bitter Phil”-he likes it) brings her bones, pig’s ears, and other treats when he comes and drops off fresh Meatbagz at Mack’s. Daisy wags her tail and acts happy.

They have a very complex relationship (and she helps balance out the fact that we’re making Bitter Phil deliver big, heavy boxes of bags on a regular basis).

And last but certainly not least, this is McCoy. Actually, he’s Mr. Steve McCoy Esq., but he’s a pretty easy-going guy so he’ll answer to just McCoy. He’s Kate’s buddy. He’s been known to draw customers to ye olde Meatbagz booth with his innate sweetness and dreamy brown eyes. Oh, and he enjoys kicking the soccer ball around when Mack and Kate have been stuck working inside too long  and need some fresh air.

Sure, they may be canine and they may be unpaid, but they’re still members of our crazy little company and we couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) do it without them.


About meatbagz totes

Mackenzie is an award winning pie maker, a fast driver, and a screen printing mastermind. Kate is a designer, occasional neat freak, and tea drinking madwoman. They both believe in the power of good karma, air banding as a valid form of exercise, and that getting your hands dirty is a good way to keep your soul clean. Together they make up Team Meatbagz.

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  1. They’re all so sweet! Don’t know what I’d do without my bud Griffin…I love the fact that God spelled backwards is Dog…my walks with Griff are my religion…the out of doors is my church. Thanks for stopping by my blog…my meatbag is working out just fabulously!

    • It is amazing what wonders getting outside with a dog and fresh air can do for you, isn’t it? We were truly jealous of your post the other day…we’re waiting for the snow to melt enough for us to be able to do the same! And we’re so glad that the bag is working for you!

  2. Beautiful dogs! Enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek humor, too.


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